Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Who was the most whooped?

Hey fellas, there has been some serious debate over the years that we need to put to bed.
Ok, here is the question: Out of all the Perntagetters, who has been the most whooped?
Now to answer the question, you need the following info to justify your answer:
1. Which Perntagetter was it?
2. Who was the Pernt that had the Getter whooped?
3. When was it?
4. How long did this whoop last?
5. And finally, what made him so whooped? What indicator gave it away?

We need some active and lively debate on this, so feel free to blog away, even you perntas out there that secretly check this blog out. :)

Get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ricks College Rowdies

Last day of Wrestling Practice deserved Martinellis finest year. Remember breakfast at the Borgs Cabin. it was so cold. Jacob couldnt find the heat. and even though Joni wasnt a borg here, they still exchanged 'I twuv yous'. Quick little pic on palisades by the Borg's cabin. And at one time, Paul and I did love the spice girls. For sure i liked Victoria Beckham. i think Paul liked Sporty Spice?

Things that make you go HMMMMMM?! Part Deaux.

Wyatt was super surprised after he found out the person he was walking hand to butt with was really a dude. Honestly Sugar girls, you can do better than struffler boys, and holy cow rick it was graduation, not a wrestling match. let the arm go, you are freaking her out. There is no way i really owned a vest like that? Maybe i did and Derrick Malloy would always say, "i call to wear the vest tonight". That cant really be rudy on a tractor can it? well, the red bandana worn like Tupac might be the missing clue, he never could figure which culture suited him best. And finally, Rick what the kek are you doing? Nevermind, i really dont want to know. Pics courtesy of Unis again.

Sugar City Cake Eaters

Those are some Crazy Kofers. The diggers even look frosty buried in dirt. Gene (sporting the sunshine top) and Jake would ride that for hours holding each other tightly. Flannel was always in, but coupled with Girbauds Gene? Gage, Jake and Gene, in their Sunday Cake. Give it up for the Diggers. Pics courtesy of the one and only Unis.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Music from the Good Ol' Days

Hey boys, i compiled a little music from back in the day when Rick T used to 40 sag.. If any of you can think of some other classics we need on there, let me know.

I did put some slow songs on there because there occasionally had to be some slow jams to get the pernt.

South Fremont's Finest

Is there a rowdier bunch than the strufflers? Minus Rick T of course. :)
Sessions killin birds. Mace doing who knows what and jeff looks weetarded.

Remember Nephi's place and the idea of the Red Neck Pool?

Sessions with the ladies of Lalapalooza?

I cant remember who the skeleton chic was?
and struffs looking over the Buttes. no pun intended.
Once again courtesy of Nephi.

Strufflers Know How to Throw a Party

New Year's Party's at Nephi's our the Boise house were choice. And the strufflers always kept large amounts of Henry Weineger's Root Beer on Tap..

Remember the 'run around Nephi's naked' dares? Jeff teaches classes on the side.
And lastly, the always had the rowdiest event staff on call.
PS, these pics are courtesy of our very own perntagetter, Mr. Nephi Allen.